How the obscurantists revel in describing Dawkins as other than the gentleman and gentle man that he is! They prefer their lack of understanding how science finds no God with their reveling in obscurantism. He knows enough theology to know that !

       Science find  no resurrections, miracles and ascensions and finds no divine teleology and thus no God whatsoever.

       No scientism interjects itself in his advocating naturalism- that straw man! He knows that rational methods apply not only to science but to other fields. He know that the other putative venues of knowledge that haughty John Haught accuse us naturalists of ignoring mean nothing as they are rational methods.

         Dawkins can take the irresponsible heat from his fleas!

       I recommend WEIT as the blog that he’d find congenial. I also recommend Camels with Hammers, Richard Carrier’s Blog, Ethical Realism, Evangelical Realism, the Atheist Ethicist, Unreasonable Faith and my other blogs -Google lamberth’s naturalistic arguments about God. Also on the other side, Theo-sophical Ruminations, Edward Feser’s Blog and Always Have a Reason can illuminate unwittingly that theism fails.