What a blasphemy to morality is the Sermon on the Mount! Yeshua overstates what balderdash.

Yeshua has the temerity to downgrade our earthly existence in promising such a heavenly one! Why accept that Heaven exists? Without begging the question of his being the supreme moral leader why accept his commands? How can we differentiate whenever we ought to take literally or metaphorically his commands? Should we have an independent source to know what he  deems moral, then we don’t need his commands. We revert to the Euthyphro dilemma!

How could we even live up to them, granting them full force? Ah, so again we sinners cannot meet the divine commands. No, why should there exist over the top demands that  no one could live up to ?

That has no purpose and leaves us with no purposeful existence! That construes perforce the arguments from angst and from happiness-purpose as just balderdash! What a contradiction God who gives us purpose with no purposeful meaning!

Why find this scam of the ages such a divine purpose when this ethic is only purposeful until the apocalypse anyway? Yeshua believed that he’d return in the lifetime of his hearers, albeit no one know exactly when, butin spite of apologetic rationalizations, he is forever dead!

He so proudly proclaims Hell for the many! How could anyone justify Hell were this sermon such wisdom of the ages? Yeshua appears to have bats in his belfry!

Rather than being bread for the man than man for the bread, this sermon overstates such that it goes well beyond the strictures of the  barbaric  commands of the Tanakh , except for rejecting the eye  for the eye. Why he overstates by declaring that to lust upon women is adultery, equating that with murder! He self-contemns by declaring that those who call other fools are subject to Hell whilst he calls others fools! He declares egregiously that divorce is only for wife’s unchastity. leaving men at leisure to be unchaste to the limit!  Few Christians hold to that!

Thus, he rejects Paul’s teaching about rejecting those commands? Would Paul then reside in Hell?

He actually enunciates anything really knew! Rabbi Hillel and others of other religions had already given out the Golden or the Silver Rule [ I prefer the Platinum- be nice.]. What is new comes from the idea of Hell! What rational and sensitive person would ever find even the best of Hells moral?

Now, he proclaims this sermon in Luke on a plain in a different way. There he adds that the more suffering in this world, the more compensation in the future state! Elsewhere, he declares that his flock would face persecution as any cult leader would do. He sets it up for such persecution!

He comes not to bring peace but a sword, and apologists cannot gainsay his command to hate or even to love others less than they do him as any cult leader would do! He fits the mould perfectly.

He is just another miracle monger, savior-god and just a man of his times. He  is as unique as any miracle monger or savior-god! So Christians can prattle all they wish but cannot gainsay that his life parallels others as they all partake of the same superstitious milieu! He doesn’t have to fit Mithra but fits the latter to an extent whilst being yet unique.

Today’s comments stem from reading Arthur George Well’s “The Jesus legend.” Wells now find Yeshua a historical figure with legendary matter added.

Read his hagiography in context! Whether or not he is the divine son or just the adopted son of God, in full context, he lacks appeal If divine, then  he is as guilty of horrors as is Yahweh! Those murders of the Deluge and the commands for genocide! By proclaiming Hell, he furthers the moral  objurgation against himself!

No God has the right to  do such things! What blasphemy of morality and – rationality!  Per Lamberth’s argument from autonomy, as independent beings, going beyond the Euthyphro: no God has the right to command us anyway With John Paul Sartre, I declare we have the responsibility to be moral by exercising our causal volition.

Yeshua has no relevance for moral and rational people! We rise above his barbarity!

We gnu atheists mean business! We objurgate such blasphemy!  We abjure this condemnation of earthly life for that imaginary heavenly one!