With Miklos Jako, I find it a grave emotional and intellectual scam to find Yeshua any sort of moral leader. We agree with Col. Robert Green Ingersoll and Lord Bertrand William Arthur Russell, contrary to even many atheists, that no, he is no moral leader!

To quote Jako:” I regard it as one of the most extraordinary  intellectual deceptions of  human history, how everyone gives Jesus all this extra credit! Even atheists tend to think of Jesus as  at least  a good moral teacher. He has come to be regarded as the ideal man, the ultimate in compassion and wisdom.

But read the book! Read what he say! He overstates. He contradicts himself.. He’s intolerant. He’s a religious fanatic.

Yet people’s cultural conditioning makes them interpret his extremist remarks, his so called “hard sayings” as somehow… the pearls of wisdom.” when in fact they’re just plain misguided and wrong, if not downright goofy, as well as evil. Jesus taught Hell. He taught that remarriage was adultery. He praised  those who castrated themselves for the kingdom of God.”

Jako duly notes that Yeshua thoroughly praises^ the cruel god of the Tanakh, he disrespects his parents, he is ethnocentric sent as savior only to the Jews,  accepts slavery, supports an ascetic life,  supports wishful thinking with his admonishing others to rely so much on Yahweh, claims that faith can move mountains, believes in a utopia, contradicts himself by saying that those who take up the sword will die by the sword,yet tells his flock to buy swords and don’t call others fools but does that himself and overstates matters as when he claims that lust is as bad as adultery, declares that those who hate their brother are murderers,gives bad advice in  maintaining that we should forgive  seventy times seven , making expiation silly and forgiveness nebulous, equates himself with the king who wants his enemies  brought there… and slay them before me, and he did teach Hell!

I’ve more to maintain about that jerk! Paul preached in vain and Yeshua died in vain!

^ I use the present tense as though the person is still talking.

Both errantists and inerrantists just overlook what the Christian Testament itself reveals about him! Oh, then again, we really don’t fully know him,because those Gospels just don’t present matters without contradictions amongst themselves and with history. The former ever try to put better words into his mouth whilst the latter approve of much of his purported harsheness.

No  cult leader need  apply for moral leader!