The supernatural is indeed the intellectual,emotional and sometimes monetary scam of the ages.No evidence exists for it but rather the emotional idea that beyond Nature lies another dimension of ultimate reality that impinges in some way on Nature.Yet, science tells against it in that science finds teleonomy -causalism-mechanism-no directed outcomes. This goes against even a deist supernature as it admits of no intent behind the Big Bang and no designs but rather patterns.
Science finds no karma and no reincarnation. It finds no Virgin Birth , miracles, Resurrection or Marian assumption into Heaven. Were there the supernature, Nature would run with intent.
As Leucippus notes, matters happen by necessity. No intent existed for our evolution or of a comparable species as Jerry Coyne notes in ” Seeing and Believing ” @ Talk Reason.
Had the comets not arrived, the dinosaurs would have been an impediment to primates evolving to be us, and we depended also on the cooling-off period and the flowering plants and mutations.
No let it be caused any of that but necessity! It lies behind the randomness of the comets and mutations.Natural causes caused them rather than any intent.
Matters happen sequentially so that evolution proceeds by one cause permitting other factors and not by intent. Were there intent, we could have evolved fortuitously,because then no randomness would have been necessary. No intent exists for our big brain-just necessity that sequentially and randomly runs.Were there intent, then scientists could never vary outcomes,because their being intended would prevent that. otherwise, the past would happen before the present, the event before the cause,negating time and making for backwards causation.
Thus, this is not a matter of supernature directing natural causes.Without that intent, no supernatural Primary Cause,Grand Miracle Monger and so forth could exist, and then no referents for any supernatural beings such that none could exist that could impinge on Nature.
No evidence exists for the Buddhist devas- those godlings- who don’t impinge on us. No evidence exist that supernature causes karma for our actions to boomerang necessarily on us.
No evidence can exist whatsoever for supernature as per Reichenbach’s argument from Existence, Were supernature in a timeless and spaceless dimension, then again, it would have no effective intent and thus would not have referents and thus could not exist.
Thus the supernatural reeks of superstition like its twin the paranormal together make what PauL Kurtz, leading skeptic calls ” The transcendental Temptation.”
That temptation has no intent but rather manifests blasphemy against reason and- humanity!
Neither definition, nor postulation nor faith can instantiate supernature!

What else tells against supernaturalism? What might be tough supernatural arguments to overcome? How can we get people not to be animists who see only one spirit behind all Nature,that theology glorifies, but which is only a superstition?